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Import & Export Express

Import Express:

One invoice, one currency, one company, one simple solution.

Today’s market trends demand global solutions. Your orders from international customers and suppliers need to be received quickly and reliably. Whether you are importing from Asia, Europe, or North or South America, OMNI IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE is the fast, easy-to-use service that allows you to succeed. You can count on Omni Express, the global leader in the express industry to get your imports from over 200 countries, using one network, and one invoice in your local currency. There is no simpler or more efficient way to control your imports. We'll take care of everything from door to door and in between.

The ultimate in flexibility and control.

Whether you’re an experienced supply chain manager or wholesaler or you just have the occasional item to import, Import Express can help you eliminate the hassles of importing and better manage your costs and suppliers.

Make things easier and enjoy the simplicity and control of one fixed price, one point of contact and one invoice for all your imports

Value-added Services

On top of the standard OMNI liability, we provide insurance services that offer our customers financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause.

Customs Clearance Services

OMNI EXPRESS offers a range of non-standard import and export clearance and handling services. This is particularly useful when sending high-value or multi-content shipments that require special paperwork or handling.

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