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  • What Does Gross Weight Means?

    Gross Weight means the weight of the box after the packing.

  • Any restrictions on sending Electronic Items?

    1.Any type of electronics like phone, tablets, tv etc are accepted.<br/> 2.Customs/duties and other related charges/fees is the responsibility of the customer<br/> 3. If the consignment is subject to any customs/duties, destination customs authorities will contact receiver and inform the customs/taxes charges. Once that is paid, packages will be cleared next working day for delivery to the address on the package.<br> 4. In case of loss/damage to the package, insurance kicks in and covers up to the insured amount plus courier charges. Insurance is free for the first 100 dollars, $2.90 for 2nd 100 dollars and for every subsequent 100 dollars it is $0.95.<br> 5. Proper care should be taken to pack the materials to avoid damage with regular handling.<br> 6. The courier charges will depend upon the size of the box and weight of the box as the charges are based on both physical and volumetric weight.<br> 7. We are not responsible for any customs/taxes/duties/charges that are levied by the local governmental agencies and/or authorities.<br> 8. All consignments are handled by DHL and any loss/damage claims will have to be made directly with DHL.


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