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Within 2 days my courier was delivered to the destination that was to Arizona and it cost me Rs1200, the weight was around one or 1 kilos, but I am feeling high about the cost taken when compared with others, even though they were prompt and good - Sai Kumar

About Omni World Wide Express the service levels they are excellent, cheaper rates. Free pickups and drops. 2days service. Over all Omni is excellent. Good keep it up and remain the same. Thanks for Omni World wide for their service made for me- Swathi

Excellent service, Good Service & Very Reasanoble rates- Swaroopa

Excellent response. I am satisfied with polite approach towards the customer- Vani

Excellent service, reasonable price and most important response to customer queries is superb- Roya

First time I have met a person who works and talks so professionally in courier field. Responds immediately to the customer concerns and takes care about each every minute thing right from packing of parcel to delivery.- Swapna

Excellent service and on time delivery. Reasonable rates and people working here treat customers with respect and courtesy - Suman

I used Omni Express which is in begumpet and I have sent 9kilos In total they have charged Rs4500/-apprx and they have delivered within 2 days, On the whole the service was good -Prakash

With the help of Omni courier I have sent Pickles and certain garments to Atlanta, they used to deliver within 2 days they charged Rs500 per kilo their service was good and I am contented with their good work - Vineela

Omni Express has been very useful in shipping samples to our office USA, Canada,UK, Australia without any delays. They are very good in making required documents for export of samples

Through Omni one courier was send by me to United States the service was very appreciative and it reached on time (48 Hours)---Giribabu

I have sent the courier to United states on a charge of Rs1450 and reached the place without any delay and it was a good service from Omni Express - Swathi

I frequently use Omni International for sending the couriers to U.S.A. Not even once we had a problem with the delivery or the safety. They do a very good job- Danish

I am very happy with Omni Express services, i was in need of sending Courier from Hyderabad to California and this company helped me with their fast service, they take care of customer service- Sathya

Through this courier services I sent some parcel which contains cosmetics, food products etc., It was really a prompt services rendered by them. They delivered my parcel on time without any delay. I paid them a nominal cost of Rs4000 for 9kgs which was agreeable for the satisfactory services they provided - Swapna Reddy

We sent a courier from Hyderabad to Chicago through these folks. The package weighs approximately 2Kgs. The charge that I paid was reasonable. It was delivered quick and safe. I'm gratified with their service - Priya